Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Summer Travels – Summer Reading: Top 10 Travel Books

As you take time out over the summer, always remember to take a good book on holiday with you. And as you travel yourself, here are a few travel books to keep you company:

A young man walks from London to Constantinople between the two world wars, discovering a land and people that were soon to be lost as Nazi Germany began to take control. Beautifully written and fascinating history.

A teacher takes the opportunity to travel to the Solomon Islands. Totally out of his comfort zone, he falls in love with an entirely different way of life. Lots of humour and some great descriptions of a beautiful, hidden paradise.

The older brother of James Bond writer Ian travels with a companion through some of the hardest and least travelled lands, from Peking to Kashmir, back in 1935. A now-vanished way of life and the strangest of encounters.

In 1987 a travel writer decides to follow the Indian monsoon and in doing so, discovers the hidden India.

Writer and poet – and local boy – travels through the Fens, exploring its history, and writing with wit and sensitivity about people past and present.

DJ and writer Maconie travels through his beloved North of England, discovering the real North and the real people that make it up. I love his sense of humour.

From the Atlantic to the Pacific, a student walks across America, discovering hidden lives and finding a faith he never knew he needed.

From a peaceful Cotswold village to the violence of Spain on the verge of war in 1934, Lee sees things through a poets eyes. His writing is hard to beat. Quite beautifully written.

Searching for animals, Durrell travels through South America in the late 1950s. His style is funny and his travels through Patagonia are amazing.

Another Patagona book – I really need to go there! In December 1974, journalist Bruce Chatwin decides to travel south into the hidden lands of South America’s Patagonia. There he meets hidden Welsh valleys in foreign lands and a wild land of changing seasons. Stylish writing.


Trevor Wood said...

I had to read "As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning" for English Lit O Level (yes we had O levels in my day). It was by a long way the most boring book I had ever read - and the only one I never finished

Ralph Turner said...

Trevor, how cold you?! His style of writing is exquisite.