Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Wednesday 22nd March 2017

On Wednesday 22nd March, a terrorist drove down the pavement of Westminster Bridge, crashed his car and then ran into the Palace of Westminster. He killed four people, including a policeman.

The media was full of the story. 24 hour news coverage meant it was never off our screens. Many of the comments after the attack were angry. Some were more measured. Some sounded statesmanlike, especially from Andrew Neil.

One of the things Andrew Neil said was that terrorism would never prevail, because there were thousands upon thousands of Keith Palmer’s (the policeman killed) in our country.

I did a bit of research, and within minutes, I had found them. I could fill this page with them. People who, on March 22nd 2017 were serving our nation, helping our children, promoting good, and in the over-used phrase of mugs and t-shirts, ‘carrying on’.

There’s the fun day at Ashton for the Community Family Support Programme. On the same day, the ‘Eggstravaganza’ day at Honiton for early years children. The Hospice of St Francis was given £5,500 by a firm of lawyers, the proceeds of a quiz night, on that day.

On that day, 22nd March, The Luton and Dunstable District Netball League were in action. On the same day, there was a lecture at Bangor University on the use of technology to help with less resourced languages.

There was even a decision to change our text books in terms of what it says about dinosaurs because of new finds, announced in the science journal ‘Nature’ on that day.

None of these made the headlines. But each underlines goodness, a willingness to give, a willingness to explore, investigate, develop and promote good in the world we live in. Above all, it shows would be terrorists that we live in a society that works well and that will continue to ‘carry on’. There are indeed thousands upon thousands of Keith Palmer’s in our nation. And to every one of them – thank you.


Jim Churcher said...

Well said, Ralph. The reactions of millions of so-called ordinary people have shown that they are extraordinary. We will not be dismayed by the occasional horrible acts of the terrorists.
Despite the emphasis of cynicism in much of the media, and despite the doom and gloom preachers we come across sometimes!, there is much goodness and kindness in the world. God's Spirit keeps moving, and far more widely than we sometimes recognise.

Ralph Turner said...

And well said as well Jim!